Symposium on China’s Manufacturing Industry’s Transition from Product-Oriented to Service-Oriented

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                                      On November 22, 2014, the symposium on China’s Manufacturing Industry’s Transition from Product-Oriented to Service-Oriented was held in ZZULI. This symposium, supported by the Projects 71272242, 71240023, 51205372 of National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Science-technology Support Plan Project 2015BAF32B04, was co-hosted by ZZULI and the Group Technology Committee of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, the School of Economics and Management of ZZULI and the Innovation Center of Henan University of Economics and Law were entrusted to organize.

                                      Gong Yi, vice president of ZZULI and president of Henan Alumni Association of Jiaotong University made the opening remarks and Professor Peng Shijin, dean of the School of Economics and Management, gave a welcome speech.

                                      China’s manufacturing industry is now facing severe challenges such as product homogenization, falling rate of profits and the increasingly demanding needs of consumers. Many manufacturing enterprises have started to transform from product-oriented to service-oriented, which has caught attentions from the academic circles.



                                      Many famous entrepreneurs attended this symposium and shared their ideas with the audience. Among the speaker were Tong Jun, the CEO of Hangzhou Hangyang Ltd., Li Hongan, the General Manager of Shangxi Air Blower CO. Ltd., Wang Jianzhong, vice manager of Kaifeng Air Separation Group CO. Ltd., Ma Zhengfan, the General Manager of Zhengzhou Hengye Yongxing Electric CO. Ltd., Wang Shudong, the Secretory-in-General of Henan Alumni Association of Jiaotong University and the Chairman of the Board of the Zhengzhou Rixing Electrics CO. Ltd., Qiao Jingliang, the CEO of the World Factory Net. The scholars include Professor Si Linsheng, vice president of Henan University of Economic and Law, Professor Fang Runsheng, Dr. Li Hao and Dr. Jiang Lihui.

                                      The symposium focused on the problems, opportunities and policies China's  manufactures currently faced in the transition from the product-oriented to service-oriented, some entreprenures shared their insparing lessons they have learned in the process of the transition. Both the entrepreneurs and scholars claimed that they have benefited a lot from the heated discussion.


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