Students of ZZULI Win Big in Baidie Cup Logistics Simulation Design Competition

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                                      From November 25th to 26th, Baidie Cup Logistics Simulation Design Competition for Cross-straits university studentswas held in Jinan City, Shandong Province. 26 competition teams including 18 teamsof mainland China and 5teams of Taiwan took part in this competition. Two universities of Henan Province entered into the final competition. The YU REN ZHOU Team from ZZULI, which was leaded by Professor Juhong and Tong Xinshun of Economics and Management College won thesecondprize. ZZULI obtained excellent organization prize.

                                      As the key communication project, this competition aimed to promote the construction and communication of teaching reform of cross-straits universities so that enhance higher education personnel training quality. This competition used team competition mode and it could be divided into two parts-plan design and plan reply.Since opening, theteachers and students of YU REN ZHOU Team ofeconomic and management college directed and prepared carefully. After strict selections, this team won big in national competition.

                                                 ZZULI pays more attentions to reform and explore talent training mode, teaching method as well as teaching content. At the same time, ZZULI encourages students to carry out double work and advocates professional ability training mode-competition promote learning. Over the years, teachers of ZZULI organize, encourage and guide students take part in discipline competition. And students of ZZULI get success in provincial and national competitions repeatedly, which promote the continuous improvement of talent training quality. 

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